Welcome! I’m Coen van Bendegom, born in 1991 in The Netherlands. I love to travel (who doesn’t) and try to capture special moments with my camera. I’m an amateur photographer and working as a lecturer/researcher for Breda University of Applied Sciences where I’m teaching at the bachelor of Tourism and Leisure Studies. My friends sometimes say that my camera comes first and they’re in second place. Of course that isn’t true. I’ve always been interested in photography. I borrowed my dad’s camera all the time when I was younger, but now I’m a happy owner of my own DSLR, currently a Nikon D5200.

My main interests are wildlife and travel photography. However, I also like to challenge myself for other photo-projects or series.  I visited many sites on the European mainland and traveled to Iceland, Tanzania, Uganda, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Colombia, Guatemala and Belize. You can find photos from these trips on this website. If you have any questions about one of these countries I’m happy to try and answer them.

I did a few paid assignments (not in wildlife and travel photography (yet)), if you want to know more about that, please send me an email. Prints are available upon request.

I will try to add comments about place, time and camera specifics. Feedback and comments are always welcome!

Thank you for visiting my website, you are also very welcome to follow me on Instagram (@coenvanbendegom).

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