Moroccan Oasis

When visiting Marrakesh it’s a great idea to rent a car and go for a little road trip! We wanted to rent a car from one of the major car-rent companies, but they told us that they didn’t have any cars available. Then, on the corner of the street a man waved at us. He asked us if we wanted to rent a car and while we nodded he signed that we had to follow him. We looked at each other and considered whether this would be a good idea, but decided to go with him to his little office.

His English wasn’t great and our French is even worse, so we had to wait for his boss to arrive to give us an offer on renting a car. As we were waiting and waiting we started to doubt if this really was a good idea. After an hour or so, the boss arrived and showed us a Fiat Punto which looked pretty new and decent. We decided to take the offer, not really sure what the details of renting the car were. That was the first little adventure of the day!

Driving the main streets of Marrakesh is also a little adventure, but the traffic was quite ok. Soon we left the city behind us and we drove towards the Atlas mountains. Here the road winds up the mountain like a snake. We got stuck behind a long line of camper vans. It was one of those roads with blind corners were it’s almost impossible to take over another car. A little later we came to a complete standstill, a truck got stuck in one of the hairpins.. To top it all of it also started to snow. Which gave us the unique opportunity to built a little snowman in Morocco!

Our 15cm snowman!
Traffic jam on a mountain road in the Atlas..

It took a long long time, but finally the truck was able to continue and so were we. When we left the Atlas mountains behind us we stopped over at Aït Ben Haddou, a UNESCO heritage site, famous for it’s kashba’s (mud houses). Because of our delay in the mountains we got there quite late and there almost weren’t any other tourists to be seen. Sadly we didn’t have time left to visit the city, but we definitely enjoyed the view and the little adventure!

Aït Ben Haddou

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